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Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal in Walnut CA

Our expert cottage cheese ceiling removal in Walnut CA eliminates an eyesore and a health hazard from your property.

Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal in Walnut CAIf you have cottage cheese ceilings in your home, you may feel like cursing the original builder. Why on earth would they have chosen to include such an eyesore in their design? Well, although today this type of ceiling has fallen out of favor, it was once popular for its ability to help reduce sound transfer between rooms and add interest to otherwise empty ceilings. The real problem is that, besides being ugly, some cottage cheese ceilings were made with asbestos-containing materials. This means they could harm your health, unless you get professional cottage cheese ceiling removal in Walnut CA.

Now you may wonder…

How can a little bit of ceiling texture be so dangerous?

Although cottage cheese ceiling texture is just a thin layer of material, it has the potential to generate lots of dust if damaged. This dust will contaminate the air in your home, and if you inhale it asbestos fibers can get lodged in your lungs. This could result in mesothelioma or lung cancer. Due to this danger, you should never risk a DIY cottage cheese ceiling removal in Walnut CA. Instead, turn to a professional contractor like AQHI Inc.. who knows how to manage asbestos dust properly.

We Conquer the Challenges of Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal in Walnut CA

Although any type of asbestos removal project requires special care, cottage cheese ceiling removal in Walnut CA is particularly difficult because:

  • Painted surfaces cannot be worked wet to minimize fiber release.
  • Cottage cheese texture tends to crumble when it is removed, releasing lots of hazardous fibers.
  • As asbestos dust comes loose from the ceiling, it will immediately become airborne. It could easily circulate outside the immediate work area.
  • More thorough cleanup is required due to these factors.

After many years of experience with cottage cheese ceiling removal in Walnut CA, we know exactly how to compensate for the additional challenges presented by this type of asbestos removal activity. We comply with all relevant state and federal regulations and incorporate the following safety protocols into every job:

    • Creating a sealed work zone to contain all the dust
    • Using HEPA filtration to ensure no dust escapes through the ventilation equipment
    • Using proper breathing protection and disposable coveralls
    • Requiring strict decontamination procedures for workers and bagged waste leaving the work area
    • Bagging waste securely and providing transport to approved disposal facilities
    • Thoroughly cleaning the room once work is complete

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