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Military Families—Make Sure Your Family is Safe before You Ship Out

Posted on May 1, 2015 in Blog

Military Families—Make Sure Your Family is Safe before You Ship OutSome say that soldiers are the best role models in our society. Not only do they want to make sure their families are safe at all times, they serve for the sake of our entire nation’s continued security, abundance, and prosperity. Soldiers are excellent examples of people who are driven to succeed, who reach the highest levels of integrity, and who selflessly serve our country, often leaving behind their families for extended periods of time. If you’re a soldier who’s about to ship out, consider calling AQHI, Inc for a thorough evaluation of the home and surrounding property where your precious family lives.

Why should I call AQHI Inc.?

AQHI, Inc uses the most modern tools to detect hazardous materials in your home.

For example, lead is probably the most commonly-found toxin found in many commercial and residential properties because lead-laced paint was abundantly used until it was banned in the 1970s. Especially if you have kids, it’s essential that you make sure your home is lead-free, because exposure to lead has been linked to brain development problems.

Mold and fungus are also common household pollutants, often hiding under floor panels and inside walls. The best way to detect lead is to test for excess moisture, and at AQHI, Inc we have tools that can check every nook and cranny in the home for moisture. Mold allergies are increasingly common, and many people suffer without knowing why, all because their home has a hidden mold problem. At AQHI, Inc we’ll find any issues in your home and fix them efficiently and thoroughly so you and your family can breathe much easier.

Asbestos is another toxin that’s frequently found, and if you’re planning on doing any home renovations, make sure you call AQHI, Inc first. The presence of asbestos isn’t a big deal except when the fibers are disturbed, releasing potentially harmful toxins into the air, which are then inhaled. So just remember, don’t be CRABBY:


Ring up




Your renovations

Soil & Water, Too

AQHI, Inc can also check the soil and water on your property for any potentially harmful substances. If you’ve got a green thumb and plan on eating plants from your garden, you’ll want to be sure it doesn’t have any toxins in it first. Just place a quick phone call to 800-481-8080 to schedule an appointment, get your evaluation, and if there are any hazardous materials on your property, AQHI, Inc will formulate a plan to get rid of them ASAP so you can get on with your life. It won’t take long—and like the saying goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! We always follow every safety regulation to the letter, and we actually train other companies on proper hazardous material removal procedures, so you can rest assured that we definitely know what we’re doing.

Any Q’s?

If you have any questions or would like some more information about our services, feel free to give us a call at 800-481-8080 or email