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Protect your indoor air quality with expert acoustic ceiling removal in Hacienda Heights CA.

Acoustic Ceiling Removal in Villa Park CA
Acoustic ceilings aren’t just ugly; they can also be hazardous to your health if they contain asbestos, as many ceilings installed before the 1970s do. Fortunately, you do not have to continue living with this health risk literally hanging over your head. All you have to do is contact AQHI Inc. for professional acoustic ceiling removal in Hacienda Heights CA.

What Makes Asbestos-Containing Ceilings So Dangerous?

Any type of material made with asbestos presents a serious health hazard due to the possibility of asbestos fibers escaping when the material is damaged. These fibers can lodge in the lungs, causing serious, even deadly health problems with sufficient exposure. Because dust from asbestos ceilings immediately becomes airborne, it can float in a building’s air for days and travel to distant corners of the property through the HVAC system, leading to widespread asbestos contamination.

Quality Acoustic Ceiling Removal in Hacienda Heights CA Can Help

The primary benefit of an acoustic ceiling removal in Hacienda Heights CA is preventing fiber release–and asbestos contamination–by removing the source material. However, you must choose a quality contractor for this to be true. Asbestos dust will be generated when removing an acoustic ceiling–the key is to contain and control this dust. If you try a DIY job or use an inexperienced contractor, this will not be done properly. Contamination may spread from the room with the asbestos ceiling to other parts of your property.

Don’t risk it! Hire the professionals at AQHI Inc. for your acoustic ceiling removal in Hacienda Heights CA and rest assured the job will get done right. In order to ensure your safety we will:

  • Use plastic to create a completely sealed work zone
  • Use continuous air filtration to prevent any asbestos fibers from escaping the work area
  • Provide appropriate safety gear for workers and make sure they follow proper decontamination protocols when leaving the work area
  • Bag & remove all asbestos waste to a designated disposal facility
  • Mop and vacuum the work area to remove all traces of asbestos dust

Why Choose AQHI Inc.

AQHI Inc. is a licensed asbestos contractor with 5 different certifications that testify to our ability to provide safe and effective acoustic ceiling removal in Hacienda Heights CA. We are fully insured with both liability insurance and workers’ comp insurance. There is no job too big or too complex for us to handle.

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Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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