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Asbestos Roof Removal in Ontario CA

AQHI Inc. follows best practices for asbestos roof removal in Ontario CA

Asbestos Roof Removal in Ontario CAIt is not at all unusual for asbestos-containing materials to be found in older buildings. Asbestos-containing roofing materials are one of the most troubling types of asbestos materials to discover on your property, since they have the potential to contaminate the inside and outside of your property.

Clean Up Your Property with Asbestos Roof Removal in Ontario CA

It’s time to stop worrying about the possibility of contamination and instead eliminate this possibility by investing in asbestos roof removal in Ontario CA. AQHI Inc. can help. After about 25 years of experience and more than 50,000 remediation projects, we have the skills and experience required to safely remove any kind of asbestos-containing roofing material such as:

  • Roofing felt
  • Asphalt roofing shingles
  • Cement shingles
  • Roof underlayment
  • Sealants/mastics
  • Flashing

Our Procedures for Asbestos Roof Removal

When providing asbestos roof removal in Ontario CA, we take all possible precautions to protect against indoor and outdoor contamination. First, we prep the work area by sealing all ducts, vents, drains, etc. to make sure no asbestos dust will be able to get into the building during work. We can then start removing small sections of roof. We use a wet removal method to keep any asbestos dust to an absolute minimum. We will provide a thorough cleanup at the end of each day and leave the area safe for your roofing crew to work on at the end of the project.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Is Included

Getting asbestos-containing materials off your roof is just part of the process of asbestos roof removal in Ontario CA. You also need to get the materials completely off your property. At AQHI Inc., we handle both tasks. We are licensed and certified to transport asbestos-containing waste to appropriate disposal facilities for you.

Now you might wonder…

Do I Really Need Professional Asbestos Roof Removal?

Yes. If you have asbestos in your roofing materials, only a certified contractor can safely and legally remove it. Working with AQHI Inc. on your asbestos roof removal in Ontario CA is the best way to get peace of mind that the work is being done properly to save you from liability for the types of accidents and contamination that unlicensed contractors could create.

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Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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