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We have the experience needed to handle just about any asbestos, mold, lead, or PCB removal process quickly and safely.

AQHI, Inc. has successfully completed over 50,000 projects removing asbestos, mold, lead and PCB’s from a variety of facilities, ranging from single-family residences to large apartment complexes and entire school districts.

The Meadows Apartments – Culver City, CA

An apartment complex with hundreds of units spread over 19 buildings.

In order for the property owner to install a new roof system, AQHI, Inc. removed over 300,000 square feet of asbestos-containing composition roofing membrane from the entire occupied complex.

Rialto Unified School District – Rialto, CA

District-wide facilities, including 24 elementary, middle school and high school campuses.

As part of a district-wide modernization project, AQHI, Inc. removed asbestos-containing floor tile, roofing, window putty and heater insulation from over 150 classroom buildings while school was in session.

Red Hill Country Club – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

A private, widely-known country club.

Prior to demolition of the existing clubhouse complex, AQHI, Inc. removed asbestos-containing floor tile, roof mastic and pipe insulation.

Huntington Pier Colony Condominiums – Huntington Beach, CA

A multi-story 200 unit condominium complex.

As a result of a construction building defect, showers and bathtubs leaked, causing mold to develop between floors, contaminating individually owned adjacent units. AQHI, Inc. removed mold-infested drywall from ceilings and walls, then removed mold from surfaces of structural beams between floors.

McHugh Apartment Building – Los Angeles, CA

An 8-unit apartment building.

After the front facade of the building collapsed and fell to the street below, AQHI, Inc. worked through the night to remove asbestos-contaminated debris in order to re-open the street. After the initial emergency was resolved, AQHI, Inc. removed the balance of asbestos-containing materials from the building, including siding, roofing and floor tile, so the building could be demolished before it collapsed.

Hilton Hotel – San Bernardino, CA

A 250 room luxury hotel.

As part of a major renovation project, AQHI, Inc. removed asbestos-containing ceiling tiles and asbestos-containing acoustic ceiling spray from hallways and corridors throughout the occupied hotel.

Russell Residence – Laguna Beach, CA

A privately owned 8,000 square foot residence.

After a fire nearly destroyed the house, AQHI, Inc. cleared out the charred asbestos-containing debris, then removed all remaining asbestos-containing floor coverings, drywall and insulation, as well as cabinets and fixtures, resulting in a clean concrete floor, wood studded re-build project.

Victoria Bridge – Riverside, CA

A historical, concrete vehicle and pedestrian bridge.

AQHI, Inc. scraped lead-based paint from over 5,000 square feet of surface area of the pedestrian walkway area.