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Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal in Brea CA

Our expert cottage cheese ceiling removal in Brea CA eliminates an eyesore and a health hazard from your property.

Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal in Brea CAIf you have cottage cheese ceilings in your home, you may feel like cursing the original builder. Why on earth would they have chosen to include such an eyesore in their design? Well, for many years cottage cheese ceilings were fashionable due to their many practical benefits, such as muffling sound and making ceiling cracks and stains less noticeable. The real problem is that, besides being ugly, some cottage cheese ceilings were made with asbestos-containing materials. This means they could harm your health, unless you get professional cottage cheese ceiling removal in Brea CA.

Now you may wonder…

How can a little bit of asbestos be so dangerous?

With asbestos, it’s not so much the quantity of material that matters as the frequency of exposure. This means that you cannot afford to ignore even a small patch of damaged cottage cheese ceiling, as it could produce enough asbestos fibers to make you sick. The good news is, you can protect your health and the quality of your indoor environment with AQHI Inc.’s professional cottage cheese ceiling removal in Brea CA.

We Conquer the Challenges of Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal in Brea CA

Due to the unique challenges involved with a cottage cheese ceiling removal in Brea CA, it should never be attempted by an amateur. Doing so could actually make the contamination worse. Some of the most worrisome challenges include:

  • The impossibility of using wet techniques on a painted surface that would otherwise help to minimize fiber release
  • The fact that gravity is working against you, pulling asbestos fibers down onto you as you work
  • The difficulty in keeping cottage cheese bumps intact as they are removed
  • The fine dust that will need to be cleaned up after work is complete

When you use a professional like AQHI Inc., by contrast, you do not have to worry about these problems compromising the quality of the work or the safety of your property. Thanks to the knowledge gleaned from meeting numerous licensing and certification requirements, we are able to complete cottage cheese ceiling removal in Brea CA safely. Core safety protocols include:

  • Sealing the work zone with heavy-duty plastic
  • Continuously cleansing the air with HEPA filtration
  • Providing professional grade safety gear for our workers
  • Requiring strict decontamination procedures for workers and bagged waste leaving the work area
  • Properly disposing of bagged waste an approved facility
  • Thoroughly cleaning the room once work is complete

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