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Does Your Property Contain PCB Hazards?

AQHI Inc. can help you remove PCBs from your property quickly and safely.

Fluorescent light ballasts that were manufactured prior to July 1978 frequently contained PCB’s at 50 ppm or greater in their capacitors and asphalt potting material surrounding the capacitor. PCB is a known carcinogen and is treated as a regulated hazardous waste when disturbed.

Handling, Packaging, and Treatment of PCB

At AQHI, Inc., eliminating PCB hazards will involve several key tasks, including:

  • Ballasts are disconnected and removed from lighting fixtures, then placed into lined, open-head drums
  • Drums are filled approximately two-thirds with absorbent vermiculite
  • Each drum is labeled and logged with specific information regarding the source and destination of the ballasts
  • Drums are transported to an EPA-approved treatment facility where the metals within the ballasts are reclaimed and recycled
  • PCB-containing materials are separated for incineration or landfill disposal