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AQHI Provides Several Environmental Waste Remediation Services  

Posted on May 3, 2017 in Blog

AQHI Provides Several Environmental Waste Remediation Services  

Now that spring has sprung, the term Spring Cleaning might begin being thrown around your home. Often, that might be accompanied by the word “renovation” or something along those lines. While renovating a home and brining new life to an outdated room can be extremely exciting, there is also a potential for unforeseen hazards. One example of this is environmental waste that is lurking behind walls, under floors, and even in exterior areas of your home. Thankfully, is a company that offers environmental waste remediation services in the Inland Empire of Southern California.

Here are a few examples of what you might run into when you begin renovating, or even just cleaning your home this spring.


If you’ve spent any time watching home renovation shows on the television, chances are that you know all about asbestos. Asbestos containing material can be found in a variety of places, such as floor tiles, drywall, ceiling, roofs and even duct work. The contaminant was commonly used in drywall between 1960 and the 1980s, and can cause adverse health effects if…


Spring is the Season for Mold & Mildew Growth

Posted on April 5, 2017 in Blog

Spring is the Season for Mold & Mildew GrowthYou’ve heard the saying that “April showers bring May flowers,” but it turns out that April showers can often be the culprit that jumpstarts mold and mildew growth in homes and businesses. You might already be looking forward to summer, to beach days, road trips and fun BBQ’s. However, it’s not a good idea to simply bypass Spring and keep looking ahead to summer. That is because while you’re excited that spring is in the air, which means we’re closer to summer, you also need to have caution because mold spores are in the air as well! Mold grows where there is moisture. This means that with the rain and wet conditions that can be found in spring, you might be sitting in a hot bed for mold.

Mold Can Grow in Many Places of Your Home

Mold grows in many areas of your home. It can be found around appliances like the dishwasher, air conditioner and even the refrigerator. It can also be found in places like floor tiles, bathroom walls and ceilings, and anywhere…


The Most Common Places That Mold Can Grow in Your Home

Posted on March 8, 2017 in Blog

The Most Common Places That Mold Can Grow in Your Home

When people think of mold, the thought of stale bread or food often comes to mind. Mold lurking in the corners of your home aren’t generally thought of. This is a problem because mold can have serious health effects, from allergies to respiratory issues. It is important to take mold growth in your home seriously, or you may be putting you and your family’s health at risk.

So where does mold lurk in your home? Well, mold grows in damp, humid places. That can mean many areas in your home. Here are the most common places that mold grows in homes:


When you think of a basement, what are the first three words that come to mind? Likely, the words are a combination of dark, damp and creepy. Well, the dark and damp part is what causes mold to grow. Basements can also have water damage due to flooding, which can lead to mold growth.


Pipes are inside of walls and if there are pipe leaks, you might not even know what you…


Mold Can be Lurking in Your Home

Posted on February 3, 2017 in Blog

Mold Can be Lurking in Your HomeMold is not a substance that you want to mess with. Unfortunately, mold can grow in many areas of your home. That is why you need to know the signs that you may have mold in your home.

Signs of Mold in Your Home

  • Smell: Mold has a distinct smell. If you smell mold, but cannot see it, you may have an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Sight: The obvious sign of mold is seeing it. It can be as simple as what grows between the grout in your bathroom. It is important to note that even small amounts of mold can have a negative impact.
  • Pipe Leaks: These can denote that mold is present. Unfortunately, leaks are often hidden behind walls and if left undetected, there can be larger issues at hand.
  • Flooding: If your house has been flooded in the past, you may have mold lingering. If flooding left home materials wet for more than 24 hours, chances are that mold is growing somewhere.
  • Water Stains: If you see water stains on ceilings or walls,…

Tackling a Home Renovation as Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted on January 5, 2017 in Blog

Tackling a Home Renovation as Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year, New You. That’s how the saying goes, right?

As we find ourselves in the year 2017, you celebrated with friends, loved ones or family, toasted the ball drop with champagne, and maybe even had yourself a New Year’s kiss. Chances are that you made a New Year’s resolution before the clock struck midnight as well.

What was your New Year’s resolution? Was it to stop swearing or at least cut back on the bad words? Maybe it was to lose some weight or get into better shape to finally run that 5k you’ve always wanted to. Was it to love yourself first, or be more confident?

Or maybe, you’ve decided to tackle the resolution of all resolutions and finally get started on that home renovation you’ve been promising yourself for years. You know the renovation you were going to do when you bought the house five years ago. Well the time has finally come and 2017 is the year!

You might be ripping apart your kitchen and replacing old rickety cabinets and Formica countertops with cherry cabinetry and…