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Lead Paint Abatement Services in California

Posted on June 8, 2017 in Blog

Lead Paint Abatement Services in California

Lead based paint is an environmental hazard that you do not want to trifle with.  Lead based paint can be found in older homes and can have serious adverse health effects, especially for women and children. This environmental hazard should be abated immediately, especially if the paint begins chipping and peeling. Thankfully, will be there with you every step of the way to abate any lead based paint that you find in your home. We have a variety of strategies to employ, which ensures that we can properly and safely remove the lead based paint in your home no matter the scenario.

Is Your Home at Risk?

From the 1940’s to 1978, lead was used as an additive to exterior and interior paints. In 1978, lead paint was banned as an additive by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If your home was constructed and painted after 1978, you are likely in good condition. Unfortunately, for homes built and painted before 1978, there is a possibility that lead paint exists.

What are the Risks?

If your home has lead based paint, it is important to proceed with…