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Key Steps for Safe Asbestos Abatement

Posted on October 4, 2013 in Blog

AQHI Inc. uses best practices for asbestos abatement to meet or exceed all state and federal requirements

Key Steps for Safe Asbestos AbatementWhen it comes to dealing with asbestos, simply removing the asbestos-containing materials isn’t enough to neutralize the risk. Proper asbestos abatement procedures must be followed to ensure that no contamination occurs at any stage of the process and the area is left clean and safe afterwards.

Because your safety is a huge priority at AQHI Inc., we offer comprehensive asbestos abatement services designed to ensure that this hazardous material is safely removed from your property in a manner that does not pose additional risk to your health and safety. We strive to meet and even exceed all relevant state and federal regulations for the handling and disposal of asbestos as we perform the following key asbestos abatement activities:

Isolate the Work Area

The first step to a safe asbestos abatement project is to isolate the work area from the rest of the building and from the outdoors. This is done by using heavy-duty plastic sheeting…