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Get Ready for Baby’s Arrival with AQHI Inc.

Posted on April 20, 2015 in Blog

Get Ready for Baby’s Arrival with AQHI Inc.Spring is bursting forth, birds are singing, chicks are hatching, and baby fawns are starting to walk on their new wobbly legs. The kids are almost out of school for the summer and everyone seems to feel a new impetus to get moving!

Spring brings in a freshness, a renewed sense of energy and vitality, prompting many to start new projects, make new exciting plans for the future, and make progress on their goals.

Have you thought about what spring brings for you?

Perhaps you’d like to start doing yoga every morning. It’s a great way to wake up your body and spirit and start the day on a positive note.

Maybe you’ll finally ask for a raise at work. Put yourself out there—the worst your boss could say is “no,” and if he or she says “yes,” you’ll feel amazing about yourself and have a little more funding for your savings goals, or to pay off your mortgage faster. Lots of times it’s not someone else holding us back from success—it’s our timidity and fear of rejection that holds us back.

Or how about starting a family this…


Our Philosophy Here at AQHI Inc.

Posted on April 10, 2015 in Blog

Our Philosophy Here at AQHI Inc.These days, lots of people are interested in learning about companies and what makes them tick. Investigating companies and understanding them more deeply enables consumers to make wise choices with their hard-earned money. When deciding whether to contract a certain company to perform a particular service, consider asking yourself these questions: What are this company’s main values? Does it contribute to society in a meaningful way? What is the main purpose of the company, and what are its other purposes? Answering these questions and more allows consumers to confidently decide which companies to engage and which ones to steer clear of.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of because we care about the health of all Californians, and everyone else, too. The whole reason we get up in the morning is to make Southern California a safer, healthier, toxin- and pollution-free place to live, breathe, and raise our precious kids.

Our Contribution to Society

While many people consider doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers,…


Could your 8 Glasses of Water a Day Be Poisoning You?

Posted on April 3, 2015 in Blog

Could your 8 Glasses of Water a Day Be Poisoning You?Lots of people know that lead poisoning is an extremely serious condition that still affects many Americans, decades after lead stopped being used in homes, businesses, and other properties throughout the nation. While the greatest danger in terms of lead exposure is paint chips and dust that contain lead, there may be another source of lead contamination in your home—your pipes. Lead could be used in your household plumbing materials and water service lines. If your home was built before 1968, it’s likely that the lead pipes, fixtures, and solder contain lead. Lead may enter the tap water through corroded plumbing. The most common problem is with damaged brass or chrome-plated brass faucets and fixtures, which can cause significant amount of lead to seep into drinking water, especially if it’s hot.

Why Does Lead Exposure Matter?

Being exposed to lead every day through a source such as drinking water could have very serious consequences. In babies and children, lead exposure can result in delays in physical and mental development, as well as slight deficits in attention span and learning abilities. In adults, it…