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Top Asbestos Removal Services in California

Posted on August 3, 2017 in Blog

Top Asbestos Removal Services in California

Asbestos is well known for the negative effects it can pose on your health. The harmful substance was used frequently in building materials between the 1960s and 1980s, which means there’s a real possibility that your home might contain it if it was built between those years. Thankfully, is experienced in removing asbestos from the following areas:

Asbestos in Floor Tile

Floor tiles is one of the places where asbestos can lurk. Unfortunately, it’s also very easy to kick up asbestos fibers when your floor tiles become damaged. That is why it is crucial to contact immediately if there is damaged floor tiles in your home or business that contain asbestos. We can remedy the situation quickly and safely, to remove the asbestos without further contaminating the structure. 

Asbestos in Ceiling

You might not know this, but the ceiling is the most dangerous place to have asbestos in a home. That is because any fibers that contain asbestos aren’t going to stay in once place if they are disturbed, rather they will become airborne and travel throughout the building. With , we…