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Top Asbestos Removal Services in California

Posted on August 3, 2017 in Blog

Top Asbestos Removal Services in California

Asbestos is well known for the negative effects it can pose on your health. The harmful substance was used frequently in building materials between the 1960s and 1980s, which means there’s a real possibility that your home might contain it if it was built between those years. Thankfully, AQHI, Inc is experienced in removing asbestos from the following areas:

Asbestos in Floor Tile

Floor tiles is one of the places where asbestos can lurk. Unfortunately, it’s also very easy to kick up asbestos fibers when your floor tiles become damaged. That is why it is crucial to contact AQHI, Inc immediately if there is damaged floor tiles in your home or business that contain asbestos. We can remedy the situation quickly and safely, to remove the asbestos without further contaminating the structure. 

Asbestos in Ceiling

You might not know this, but the ceiling is the most dangerous place to have asbestos in a home. That is because any fibers that contain asbestos aren’t going to stay in once place if they are disturbed, rather they will become airborne and travel throughout the building. With AQHI, Inc, we offer asbestos ceiling removal, as well as the ability to filter air to remove any fibers that become airborne while work is underway.

Asbestos in Ducts

Ducts are another dangerous place to have drywall because they pose the risk of transferring asbestos throughout an entire building. It is important to bring in the professionals if you have asbestos lining the pathway of your ducts, to ensure that your entire property is not contaminated.

Asbestos in Drywall

Asbestos was used frequently in drywall between the 1960s and 1980s. It wasn’t until after the harmful effects were discovered that they ceased using asbestos. Unfortunately, that means there could be asbestos lurking in your drywall if your home was built – or had a renovation – during that time period. Any damage to this drywall can allow asbestos to get into the air and needs to be taken very seriously. At AQHI, Inc, we know how to eliminate asbestos from homes and businesses without creating further risks. We follow a strict procedure and make sure to remove affected drywall, before sealing up the affected area.

Asbestos in Roof

When a roof contains asbestos, it is dangerous because it can effect both your indoor air, and the soil surrounding a building. That is shy you need to bring in the professionals like AQHI, Inc, to ensure that removal is done properly.

Are you ready to take advantage of your local asbestos removal company?

If you have asbestos in your drywall, ducts, roof, floor tiles or ceiling, you need to act quickly! At AQHI, Inc, we know the health risks that asbestos can cause in both the short term and long term. That is why we operate quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely, to ensure that the hazard is removed in a proper manner. We have over 28 years of experience and countless references that can attest to our superior asbestos removal services. If you are interested in learning more about what AQHI Inc. can do, visit AQHI, Inc. or call 800-481-8080 to set up an appointment.