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Happy Thanksgiving from AQHI Inc.

Posted on November 14, 2014 in Blog

TurkeyThanksgiving is always a time of recollection. We take stock of what’s happened in the last year and give gratitude for our blessings. At AQHI Inc., we value this tradition, so let’s just take a few moments to outline what we’re grateful for.

We’re grateful to be working in an industry that helps people live better every day. If the hazardous material removal industry didn’t exist, every single one of us would be in contact with dangerous toxins each day. Lead is especially important to remove from homes whether there are young children lead poisoning leads to serious consequences, and we’re grateful to be part of the effort to eradicate lead from our schools, home, and other buildings in our communities.

We’re also grateful for the government, state, and local regulations that are put in place to protect the public from hazardous substances. So much research has gone into each piece of legislation that protects people from hazards, and that hard work is all worth it because it leads to improved health for everyone.

We can’t forget about the top-notch gear that we use for removing these hazardous materials. Everything we use to…


From A to Z, Acqui Inc. Can Handle Any Project N-Z!

Posted on November 7, 2014 in Blog

A to Z part 2Last week we went through letters A-N, and explained why AQHI Inc. is the best choice for your hazardous waste removal needs. This week we continue with N all the way to Z. If you missed the A-M blog, just scroll down  it’s right below this blog.

N is for No Problem. Whether your project is massive, tiny, or somewhere in-between, we can handle it.

O is for Old Florescent Lights. Many people don’t realize that old florescent light ballasts may have PCB if they have not been updated since 1978. It’s important that older buildings get their florescent light ballasts reviewed and replaced by AQHI Inc. to avoid harmful contact with PCB.

P is for PCB, which is a known carcinogen that was present in fluorescent light ballasts before July 1978.

Q is for Quality control. Projects are inspected at random intervals to guarantee that regulatory standards are being met and that every project is being done safely and professionally.

R is for Respect. You can count on our staff to treat you with respect by showing up on time and getting each job done according…


From A to Z, Acqui Inc. Can Handle Any Project A-N!

Posted on November 1, 2014 in Blog

A to Z part 1From A to Z, AQHI Inc. can deal with any asbestos, mold, lead, or PCB project that you need handled. Read on to find out how.

A is for Asbestos. Whether you’re remodeling your home or need an entire office building cleared of asbestos, you can trust Acqui Inc. to eradicate this hazardous substance efficiently.

B is for the Best. We’re the best hazard removal company in the Rancho Cucamanga, CA area. You can trust us to do every single job right.

C is for Clean. When we’re done with a project, we perform a thorough inspection to ensure your space is perfectly clean of any hazardous substances.

D is for Don’t DIY. Asbestos, Mold, Lead, PCB, and other hazardous waste isn’t something you should mess around with. Let the experts and AQHI Inc. handle it you won’t regret it.

E is for Excellence. You can count on our team to surpass your expectations.

F is for Friendly. Our staff is always courteous, professional, and kind to every client.

G is for Get rid of it. There’s no reason to put up with hazardous substance in your home…