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Three Reasons to Use a Licensed & Certified Contractor for Remediation

Posted on April 26, 2014 in Blog

Trust the professionals at AQHI Inc. can save you a lot of headaches compared to an unlicensed contractor or a DIY project.

3 ReasonIf your property has mold, lead, asbestos, or PCB contamination, you need professional help to restore it to a clean and safe condition. AQHI Inc. can provide that help. We’ve been assisting property owners throughout southern California with the successful completion of environmental waste remediation projects involving all of the above stated contaminants since 1992. We are licensed with the California State Contractors Board, certified by the California EPA, and fully insured against accidents. Here are three reasons why you should choose our company for your remediation project rather than a general contractor or a less qualified company.

Your Safety is at Stake

First and foremost, your top priority during any kind of remediation project should be your health and safety, and the health and safety of future occupants of or visitors to the property in question. Only a certified contractor is guaranteed to be familiar with and effective in implementing the various safety protocols required for any given type of remediation. For example, for an…


Asbestos Remediation After a Fire

Posted on April 23, 2014 in Blog

When asbestos-containing materials burn, they release toxic smoke and ash that requires specialized remediation efforts

FireAsbestos is well-known for its ability to serve as a highly effective insulator that helps prevent electrical components, boilers, pipes, and other materials from getting too hot and causing a fire. However, it is important to remember that asbestos is not actually fire-proof, but only highly fire-resistant. If exposed to flames long enough, asbestos-containing materials can and will burn. This creates a very dangerous situation during and after the fire.

Dangers to First Responders

Smoke inhalation poses a serious risk to first responders and other individuals who may be in the immediate vicinity of burning asbestos-containing materials. Minute asbestos fibers can become airborne when materials like insulation, roofing, ceiling tiles, flooring, popcorn ceilings, etc. burn. If these fibers are inhaled, they can potentially contribute to serious health problems including cancer.

The CDC recommends that no one go within 1,000 feet of a burning structure known or likely to contain asbestos without proper respiratory equipment. Firefighters should also take care to leave their respirators on even after the fire has been extinguished, as asbestos fibers could still be in the…


Where Lead Lurks in American Homes

Posted on April 21, 2014 in Blog

Three places to check for lead contamination

Where Lead LurksLead was once a common ingredient in many products, including gasoline, pipes, solder, paint, tin cans, toys, dishes, and more. While lead has been phased out of most products today, contamination from old lead objects remains a present concern. If you live in an older home built before the late 1970s, it is highly likely that your property could contain some form of lead. Lead poisoning is a serious threat, especially for young children, so naturally you will want to do everything in your power to ensure your home is free of contamination. Here are the three prime places that lead could be lurking in your home. Check them now!


Lead dust often makes its way into the soil around older homes and buildings. It can then be tracked into the home by people and pets, or on toys that have been played with outside in the dirt. Young children also sometimes consume lead-contaminated soil, either deliberately or inadvertently, which can of course have a serious impact on their health. Organizations like offer free soil testing that can detect lead…


History of Asbestos

Posted on April 16, 2014 in Blog

Asbestos has been known for its fire-retardant properties and its harmful health effects for thousands of years

HistoryAsbestos has been in the news a lot recently as workers exposed decades ago to this hazardous material battle with cancer and pursue multi-million dollar settlements against their former employers. Though we may tend to think of asbestos exposure as a modern phenomenon, in reality asbestos has been sickening people for thousands of years.

Ancient Asbestos Use

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral found on every continent in the world, so it’s not particularly surprising that many ancient cultures discovered and used it. The earliest known use of asbestos fibers was for lamp and candle wicks in around 4,000 BC. Asbestos fibers were also found in Finnish pottery from 2,500 BC, and Greek and Roman writers described fire-resistant cloth made from woven asbestos fibers.


Asbestos cloth continued to be made and used throughout Europe, Russia, and China throughout the Middle Ages and into the 18th century. It was mined by hand by men and then spun into threads by women and children. Clothing containing asbestos was common and at one point Italy’s banknotes even contained asbestos. Asbestos use…