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Get Ready for Baby’s Arrival with AQHI Inc.

Posted on April 20, 2015 in Blog

Get Ready for Baby’s Arrival with AQHI Inc.Spring is bursting forth, birds are singing, chicks are hatching, and baby fawns are starting to walk on their new wobbly legs. The kids are almost out of school for the summer and everyone seems to feel a new impetus to get moving!

Spring brings in a freshness, a renewed sense of energy and vitality, prompting many to start new projects, make new exciting plans for the future, and make progress on their goals.

Have you thought about what spring brings for you?

Perhaps you’d like to start doing yoga every morning. It’s a great way to wake up your body and spirit and start the day on a positive note.

Maybe you’ll finally ask for a raise at work. Put yourself out there—the worst your boss could say is “no,” and if he or she says “yes,” you’ll feel amazing about yourself and have a little more funding for your savings goals, or to pay off your mortgage faster. Lots of times it’s not someone else holding us back from success—it’s our timidity and fear of rejection that holds us back.

Or how about starting a family this spring? With all the little buds blooming, the tadpoles magically turning into frogs, and the puppies nestling into their mom’s belly this spring, many people’s thoughts naturally turn to having a little son or daughter to cherish as well.

Having a baby is an enormous step that many people delay for years. Many worry about having enough money to live comfortably, and others want to travel and achieve career goals before settling down. But a baby doesn’t have to upset your finances and professional goals—and many children are excellent travelers, too. Sure, it will be different with a little being in tow, but many parents find that it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to show a son or daughter the world, and experience the wonders of travel through their wide eyes.

If you’re considering starting a family this spring, make sure you call AQHI, Inc. We’ll use the most modern, up-to-date technology to detect any toxins in your home—including mold, lead, fungus, asbestos, and more. If you’re going to be having a baby, you’ll want your environment to be as safe as possible so he or she can crawl around freely, exploring her world without you having to worry.

Lead, for example, is a common substance found in the paint of many homes that has been found to be incredibly detrimental to children’s brain growth. What happens is that as the little one explores, he touches everything, including the paint, some of which flakes off in his hand. Then the child puts his hand in his mouth and the lead is ingested. Too much lead causes developmental delays and other problems, so make sure before you even have a baby, your home is completely cleansed of lead.

It just takes one phone call to 800-481-8080 or email to—schedule an appointment with AQHI, Inc and we’ll make sure all hazardous substances in your home are thoroughly eradicated. Start spring off right—and start your pregnancy off right—with a pure, peaceful home where you can breathe easy every day.