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Asbestos Removal Fullerton CA

Asbestos Removal Fullerton CA

AQHI Inc. provides safe & speedy asbestos removal Fullerton CA

Home to the California State University, Fullerton, this city calls itself “The Education Community.” Whether strolling through the Fullerton Arboretum, browsing the exhibits of the Fullerton Museum, or touring the city’s numerous historical sites like the Elephant Packing House or the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, there are indeed many educational attractions to explore here. One historical feature you’re not likely to see advertised is asbestos. Safety-conscious Fullerton residents and business owners are busily removing all traces of this dangerous material’s past popularity with help from expert technicians from AQHI, Inc. (Advanced Quality Hazmat Industries).

About Asbestos

Though the first death from asbestosis was recorded in 1900, asbestos proved irresistible as a building material due to its strength, insulating ability, and fire-retardant properties. Today, with the benefit of advanced tools and technology, we know that it was a mistake to fall in love with asbestos. Though this natural mineral seemed safe enough, we now know that when materials containing asbestos begin to degrade, harmful asbestos fibers escape. When these microscopic fibers are inhaled, they lodge in the lungs and damage the delicate tissue there. Even a material containing as little as one-tenth of a percent asbestos is regarded as a health hazard by the state of California.

Fast Asbestos Removal Fullerton

The dangers of asbestos are real. Fortunately, technicians from industry expert AQHI, Inc. can offer real solutions to any sort of asbestos problem. With three offices in southern California, AQHI, Inc. can have a team out to assess your asbestos problem and begin work in no time at all. Though we provide fast-response service, we are by no means rushed or careless in our work. Instead, we always follow a set protocol of sealing off the contaminated area, safely removing the material, properly disposing of contaminated waste, and thoroughly cleaning the area as we work. When you hire AQHI, Inc. to handle your asbestos duct removal in Fullerton, you can rest assured that our team of fully trained and certified staff will follow safety precautions to the letter and leave your home or business safe and clean.

Asbestos Duct Removal Fullerton CA

When it comes to keeping the air in your home free of asbestos dust and fibers, you need expert help. This is especially true when dealing with highly sensitive areas like your HVAC system and your ductwork. When asbestos dust gets into your ducts, it can spread to every corner of your home and lead to a huge cleanup effort as you attempt to ensure that every square inch of your home is asbestos-free. You’re much better off taking a proactive stance against asbestos to prevent it from entering your ductwork in the first place.

When you hire AQHI Inc., we can provide you will fast, efficient, and thorough asbestos duct removal Fullerton CA. We will take extra care to ensure that as few fibers as possible are released during the removal process. This means that we will remove the asbestos-containing insulation one small piece at a time, cleaning and vacuuming as we go to control the spread of dust. After our work is complete, you’ll know that your HVAC system is clean and safe.

Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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