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Asbestos Removal Long Beach CA

Asbestos Removal Long Beach CA

Long Beach

As one of the biggest and busiest ports in the world, Long Beach is home to a thriving shipping industry worth about $100 billion each year. Around 275,000 inbound containers and 115,000 outbound containers traverse the Port of Long Beach’s 25 miles of shoreline each month. With all that action, pollution is a real concern. Starting in the early 2000s, the port began taking significant steps towards reducing its carbon footprint. Citizens of Long Beach are dedicated to keeping their home environments clean and healthy as well. One important step towards this goal is removing damaged asbestos building materials with the help of AQHI, Inc.

Do You Need Asbestos Duct Removal in Long Beach?

Asbestos was enthusiastically used as an insulator and fire retardant in American homes and business right up until its ban in 1978. It was particularly popular as insulation for ductwork and heating boilers. As long as the asbestos material remains intact, it poses no danger. However, if the material becomes damaged, harmful asbestos fibers can break free of their matrix and become airborne. Once airborne, they can be inhaled and lead to serious cancers.

If the insulation around your ductwork was installed prior to 1978, there is a very good chance it contains asbestos. If it appears damaged, don’t touch it! Call in the experts from AQHI, Inc. for help.

Fast, Friendly, Safe Service

At AQHI, Inc., we pride ourselves on fast, friendly, and safe service. We know the dangers of asbestos, and so we make every effort to respond to your call and contain the damage as quickly as possible. We utilize state-of-the-art procedures to seal off the affected area and make sure no fibers escape during the asbestos removal process in Long Beach. We even filter the air during and after work, to trap every fiber and leave you with a clean, safe, asbestos-free environment. All of our technicians are fully trained in safety protocol, so you know that the job will be done right when you call AQHI, Inc.

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Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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