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Asbestos Ceiling Removal  The sight of lumpy, bumpy ceiling texture in homes and businesses built before the 1970s makes many people’s skin crawl. Not only is this material ugly; it could contain asbestos. If and when asbestos fibers start working loose from this material, building occupants could breathe them in and eventually develop serious health conditions like asbestosis or mesothelioma.

Fortunately, there is something you can do right now to eliminate this danger:

Get professional asbestos ceiling removal in Redlands CA from AQHI Inc.

3 Things to Check Before Getting Asbestos Ceiling Removal in Redlands CA

Even just the idea that your ceiling might contain asbestos could be enough to affect the property value and cause you considerable concern. So you might be very eager to get any questionable materials removed ASAP. But before you commit to professional asbestos ceiling removal in Redlands CA, make sure you have considered the following points that will affect when and how you get your ceiling texture removed:

  • Asbestos content: Being installed prior to the 1970s is a strong clue you might have asbestos in your acoustic ceiling materials. However, it is not solid proof that you need professional asbestos ceiling removal in Redlands CA. To be certain you have asbestos, we recommend investing in asbestos testing.
  • Present condition of the material: While damaged asbestos ceiling materials pose an active threat and justify immediate removal, intact materials actually pose no immediate danger. Only damaged materials shed asbestos fibers.
  • Risks to future condition of the material: Of course, materials that are undamaged right now could easily become damaged in the future. Depending on how high the risk of future damage is–and how badly you want peace of mind against asbestos contamination–you may want to remove all asbestos-containing materials now regardless of condition.

Choosing a Contractor for Asbestos Ceiling Removal in Redlands CA

When a project involves handling asbestos, you want a contractor who knows what they’re doing. A certified contractor is especially important if your project includes asbestos ceiling removal in Redlands CA.


Because this type of asbestos removal project requires even more care than usual.

Asbestos ceiling removal projects present two special hazards. First, there is the challenge of working with a dry material, as painted ceilings can’t be wet down to minimize fiber release. Asbestos ceiling materials also generate more airborne dust simply because of their location–any dust that is dislodged will immediately become airborne.

Due to these challenges, there is going to be more asbestos dust in the workspace than in your typical asbestos removal project. This makes it absolutely essential to find a contractor who will follow all industry best practices for asbestos ceiling removal, including:

  • Sealing the work zone
  • Providing workers with appropriate safety gear
  • Using quality filtration for work zone air
  • Properly bagging asbestos waste
  • Thoroughly cleaning the work zone at the end of the project using wet and dry methods

AQHI Inc. is a true expert in safe asbestos removal, and we have the certifications to prove it. You can rely on our thoroughly trained employees to get your asbestos ceiling removal in Redlands CA done to a high standard in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

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At AQHI Inc., we treat every property with the same care we would expect for our own home. We will provide you with personalized service, including a plan designed to minimize disturbance on your property and eliminate all risks. If you would like to learn more about asbestos ceiling removal in Redlands CA, please Contact us  at 800-481-8080.

Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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