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Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal in Redlands CA

Our expert cottage cheese ceiling removal in Redlands CA eliminates an eyesore and a health hazard from your property.

Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal In decades past, a cottage cheese ceiling was a sought-after feature that helped to absorb sound in noisy buildings and hide ceiling imperfections. Today, however, these ceilings are almost universally disliked. Before you tear into your cottage cheese ceiling, remember that it may very well contain asbestos. If you attempt a DIY removal, you could be putting your health at risk and creating significant environmental contamination in your property. Fortunately, you can turn to AQHI Inc. for professional cottage cheese ceiling removal in Redlands CA.

Now you may wonder…

How can a little bit of asbestos be so dangerous?

When it comes to asbestos exposure, inhaling a little bit of dust every day for years or inhaling a large quantity of dust one time can both cause serious health problems. So even if just a small portion of your ceiling is damaged, it could be releasing enough asbestos to cause a health hazard. The good news is, you can protect your health and the quality of your indoor environment with AQHI Inc.’s professional cottage cheese ceiling removal in Redlands CA.

We Conquer the Challenges of Cottage Cheese Ceiling Removal in Redlands CA

Cottage cheese ceiling removal in Redlands CA is definitely not a task you want to even consider performing on your own. It is even more difficult than your average asbestos removal project because:

  • Normally, asbestos-containing materials can be wet down during removal to minimize fiber release. This is not possible with cottage cheese ceilings.
  • Cottage cheese texture is fragile. It cannot be removed in large pieces so it will generate lots of asbestos dust.
  • As asbestos dust comes loose from the ceiling, it will immediately become airborne. It could easily circulate outside the immediate work area.
  • If you do not use proper cleanup protocols, significant contamination could be left behind.

At AQHI Inc., we understand all the special challenges involved in cottage cheese ceiling removal in Redlands CA, and we are prepared to overcome these challenges and deliver safe and effective service. We will accomplish this by implementing strict safety protocols such as:

  • Creating a sealed work zone to contain all the dust
  • Continuously cleansing the air with HEPA filtration to capture airborne asbestos
  • Providing professional grade safety gear for our workers
  • Requiring strict decontamination procedures for workers and bagged waste leaving the work area
  • Bagging waste securely and providing transport to approved disposal facilities
  • Thoroughly cleaning the room once work is complete

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Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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