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AQHI Inc. is your one-stop contractor for all kinds of asbestos removal in Villa Park CA.

Asbestos Removal in Villa Park CAAsbestos-containing materials used to be both common and popular for their fire retardant and insulating properties. But today we know that these materials present a serious health hazard. If you have discovered asbestos on your property, you need to remove it ASAP. Call AQHI Inc. for fast and thorough professional asbestos removal in Villa Park CA.

Now you may wonder…

Why Exactly Are Asbestos-Containing Materials Dangerous?

Fresh off the factory floor, asbestos-containing materials pose virtually no threat to human health. But as they age, they can deteriorate to the point where asbestos dust begins to accumulate. This dust can linger in the air for days if disturbed, and if you breathe it in the asbestos fibers can lodge in your lungs, causing serious health problems including lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Why Can’t I Do My Own Asbestos Removal in Villa Park CA?

It is essential to have a professional handle your asbestos removal in Villa Park CA for several reasons:

  • First, only a professional can properly evaluate the risks presented by an asbestos-containing material.
  • Next, in untrained hands, an asbestos removal in Villa Park CA can actually be more hazardous than just leaving the material alone. This may occur because you do not know the proper protocols for asbestos removal, containment, and cleanup, or because you do not have the skills or equipment required to implement these protocols.
  • Finally, it is difficult for the average person to dispose of asbestos waste safely. Only certified hazmat transporters like AQHI Inc. are authorized to drive waste to designated disposal facilities.

Considering the high stakes involved in an asbestos removal in Villa Park CA, why would you want to risk making a mistake on your own? Instead, trust AQHI Inc. to provide safe and professional service every step of the way, from the first cut into the asbestos-containing material to the final cleanup and air purification.

We Handle the Toughest Projects With Ease

Whether your asbestos removal in Villa Park CA is large or small, AQHI Inc. will tackle it with the same conscientious service. As a 20+ year veteran of the asbestos remediation industry with many certifications to our credit, we make an especially smart choice of contractor for complicated removal projects like:

  • Acoustic Ceiling Removal: Because popcorn ceilings cannot be wetted down while working, removing them generates extra dust. We know how to compensate for this with superior quality precautions such as tightly sealed work spaces and HEPA air filtration.
  • Asbestos Duct Removal: In the wrong hands, an asbestos duct removal job could cause asbestos dust to travel through your HVAC system to every room in the building. AQHI Inc. knows how to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Asbestos Roof Removal: Because of the additional challenges of working in the open air, asbestos roof removal should only be undertaken by an experienced contractor like AQHI Inc. We follow best practices for keeping asbestos fibers from getting into the building or floating off into the air when removing all types of asbestos-containing roofing materials.

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Do you think you may have asbestos-containing materials on your property? Call AQHI Inc. at 800-481-8080 for an honest assessment of your risk and a fair price on asbestos removal services.

Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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