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Asbestos Removal in Walnut CAIf you own an older home, it is entirely possible that the flooring, paint, ducts, roofing materials, or cement used in the building contains asbestos. The reason asbestos was so popular is that it provided a way to add fire-retardant insulation to buildings. Unfortunately, even as it provided this protection, asbestos also created serious health hazards for building occupants. To correct the mistakes of the past without creating new hazards, professional asbestos removal in Walnut CA is needed.

Now you may wonder…

Why Exactly Are Asbestos-Containing Materials Dangerous?

Asbestos-containing materials only pose an active threat if they are old or damaged, because materials in poor condition can shed asbestos fibers. These fibers can easily float in the air for days and get inhaled by building occupants, leading to serious health issues such as lung cancer.

Why Can’t I Do My Own Asbestos Removal in Walnut CA?

Asbestos removal in Walnut CA requires such extreme caution that the authorities actually regulate who can provide this service. Here’s why:

  • First of all, you will need professional help to properly evaluate the condition of asbestos-containing materials and determine how best to remove them.
  • Secondly, in untrained hands, an asbestos removal in Walnut CA can actually be more hazardous than just leaving the material alone. Without the proper sealed work zone design and safety protocols, significant amounts of asbestos dust may be generated during removal activities and can easily spread throughout the property.
  • Finally, you will not be able to legally dispose of asbestos waste on your own. You can’t just leave it out for the garbage man and you can’t take it to a facility yourself either–you must have a hazmat transporter license for this activity.

As you can see, doing your own asbestos removal in Walnut CA simply isn’t a good option.AQHI Inc. can get the job done better, faster, and more safely than you could on your own because we understand and implement every possible safety protocol.

We Handle the Toughest Projects With Ease

Because our company has earned numerous asbestos certifications, you can rest assured that we know our business and we will get your project done right. We can handle any type of asbestos removal in Walnut CA such as:

  • Acoustic Ceiling Removal: Normally, we wet down asbestos-containing materials to minimize fiber release during removal. This cannot be done with popcorn ceilings, so removing them generates extra dust. At AQHI Inc., we know how to compensate for this with superior quality precautions such as tightly sealed work spaces and HEPA air filtration.
  • Asbestos Duct Removal: If asbestos duct removal is done incorrectly, asbestos dust could end up traveling through your HVAC system to every room in the building. AQHI Inc. knows how to make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • Asbestos Roof Removal: Considering that asbestos roof removal has the potential to contaminate not only your building but also the local environment, obviously it is a job for the pros. We will not put your property or the environment at risk because we will follow established best practices for clean and careful removal and disposal of roofing materials.

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Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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