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Acoustic Ceiling Removal in Woodland Hills CA

Protect your indoor air quality with expert acoustic ceiling removal in Woodland Hills CA.

Acoustic Ceiling RemovalWhen it comes to lumpy, bumpy acoustic ceilings, there may be more than just an ugly interior design choice to worry about. These ceiling treatments may contain asbestos, especially if they were installed before the 1970s. To eliminate the danger posed by an asbestos ceiling, all you have to do is call AQHI Inc. We will complete a fast and thorough acoustic ceiling removal in Woodland Hills CA for you.

What Makes Asbestos-Containing Ceilings So Dangerous?

The danger of asbestos-containing building materials is that asbestos fibers can break loose from the material as it ages or if it is damaged. If these fibers are inhaled, they may lodge in the lungs and cause serious, possibly fatal health issues in the future. Asbestos is particularly dangerous in the ceiling, because when fibers come loose they will immediately drift down into the air building occupants breathe. These fibers may remain airborne for days and travel far from their original source.

Quality Acoustic Ceiling Removal in Woodland Hills CA Can Help

By removing a potential source of asbestos contamination, acoustic ceiling removal in Woodland Hills CA will improve health and safety conditions on your property. However, this is only true if you use the right asbestos removal company. Unfortunately, inexperienced individuals often make contamination worse by using incorrect asbestos removal methods that result in lots of dust being created, and then failing to thoroughly clean the area to remove this dust after work is finished.

At AQHI Inc., we know and follow all industry best practices for safe acoustic ceiling removal in Woodland Hills CA. This means we will:

  • Use plastic to create a completely sealed work zone
  • Use continuous air filtration to prevent any asbestos fibers from escaping the work area
  • Provide appropriate safety gear for workers and make sure they follow proper decontamination protocols when leaving the work area
  • Bag & remove all asbestos waste to a designated disposal facility
  • Mop and vacuum the work area to remove all traces of asbestos dust

Why Choose AQHI Inc.

AQHI Inc. is a licensed asbestos contractor with 5 different certifications that testify to our ability to provide safe and effective acoustic ceiling removal in Woodland Hills CA. We are also fully insured with both workers comp and liability insurance, and we train our employees thoroughly to make sure every job gets done to a high standard. Whether you need help taking an acoustic ceiling out of one room in your home, or have a huge project involving an entire commercial building, we can get the job done right.

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Certified Duct Removal ProcessTo view AQHI’s certified duct removal process, click on the image to the right to view the PDF:

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