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What You Should Expect From Mold Removal In Claremont CA

Posted on November 18, 2012 in Blog

Mold removal in Claremont CAAfter mold removal in Claremont CA, you home will look cleaner, smell fresher, and have improved indoor air quality.

Mold is a fact of life and has been on earth longer than mankind itself.  It is a simple one-cell organism that grows where there is moisture and something for it to eat.  We will never eliminate all molds, nor would we want to.  There are some definite benefits to some molds and of course everyone knows about penicillin.  But, unfortunately, some mold when breathed in to people’s lungs can be very harmful.  Some can actually kill vulnerable people.  But even if death is not the ultimate outcome, which would certainly be at the most extreme end of the spectrum, exposure can lead to bloody noses, sickness, stuffy heads, weakness, etc.  In these days of having very weatherproofed and sealed homes, it is extremely common for mold, once it has gotten into the air of the house, for those mold spores to stay in the house for weeks or months, circulating and getting into everyone’s respiratory symptoms.  Since mold can be so toxic, the standard now is to remove it, thoroughly, wherever it is found in a home behind the wall boards, under carpets, or behind tiles.  In other words, there is still mold that can grow in your shower or in refrigerator on your leftovers without worry.

If you have any flooding or any sort of pipe leaks, you will need to have your home inspected for mold and there is a good chance you will need to undergo mold removal in Claremont CA.  This article is hoping to educate you a little bit about what to expect because it will definitely not be a jean-clad workman with cleaning spray and a sponge wiping it up.  In fact, in most locales, there are all sorts of regulations about how mold removal in Claremont CA is done and what the workers have to wear and how the air has to be treated. Most times, the mold removal in Claremont CA work has to be done inside a negative-pressure enclosure and everything has to be sealed to keep more spores from escaping.

The first step in mold removal in Claremont CA is to try to remove all of the porous materials that have mold growing on them.  These might include ceiling tiles, carpet, soft furniture, books, papers, and definitely drywall.  They will not even try to save them at all, so you can just expect them to be removed and discarded.  Then they will clean any non-porous surfaces such as metal, tile floors, vinyl floors, glass, etc.  They might also be able to save wooden studs, depending on how bad the mold infestation is.  All surfaces need to be washed with a biocide solution and the solution that has mold in it needs to be removed very carefully and discarded.  Then, the surfaces are treated to prevent further mold growth, and the air is filtered so that the spores are no longer in the air in the house and room.