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How Do I Choose an Asbestos Removal Company in Los Angeles CA?

Posted on May 26, 2013 in Blog

Asbestos RemovalDo your homework before hiring an asbestos removal company in Los Angeles CA! Here are some tips.

Asbestos removal is serious business. It is definitely not a DIY project, and it shouldn’t be entrusted to any old general contractor either. If you have asbestos in your home, you need the assistance of a professional asbestos removal company Los Angeles CA. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right partner for your project.


In order to qualify to work on asbestos removal projects, an asbestos removal company Los Angeles CA must earn the appropriate certifications. They need to employ a certified asbestos consultant if any asbestos testing or sampling is to be done in advance of the project, and they also need various hazmat certifications to transport and dispose of the old asbestos-containing materials. The workers should all be fully trained in industry best practices and able to carry out their work in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to asbestos.


As with any company, references from past clients can be a great source of information about an asbestos removal company. Ideally you will be able to speak with some past clients and learn more about how the company you are considering handled various aspects of the job. Were safety protocols followed? Was waste bagged properly? Was the site cleaned thoroughly after the asbestos-containing materials were removed? The answers to these questions should help you gauge the company’s suitability for your project.


When done correctly, asbestos removals should pose very little risk of releasing any stray fibers into the air inside or outside your home or business. The workspace should be sealed, the air continuously filtered, and decontamination processes followed to the letter. However, accidents do happen. Therefore you should be certain to choose a company that carries air pollution liability insurance as well as coverage for property damage, bodily harm, and worker’s comp.

Start to Finish Assistance

Asbestos removals can be complicated because there are so many rules and regulations to follow. This is especially true if you have a commercial or rental property that will be subject to an additional approvals process after the removal. Selecting an asbestos removal company Los Angeles CA that can shepherd you through each step of the removal process will be very helpful. A full-service company should be able to provide or facilitate services for every step of the process, from initial testing and design of a sealed workspace to asbestos removal and procurement of the final inspections and approvals.