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Are Your Air Ducts Contaminated with Asbestos?

Posted on June 14, 2013 in Blog

If professional asbestos testing in Orange CA reveals the presence of contamination, call AQHI Inc.

Asbestos DuctsIndoor air quality is one of the most overlooked factors related to the health and safety of your home. One of the worst indoor air contaminants you can encounter is asbestos. While contaminants like carbon monoxide may pose more immediate dangers, at least you can use carbon monoxide detectors to provide an early warning of contamination. There is no such home detection system for asbestos, yet inhaling asbestos fibers over an extended period of time can prove every bit as deadly. If you suspect that the air ducts in your home in Orange CA could be contaminated with asbestos, you need to get professional help immediately.

How to Tell if Your Ducts Might Be Contaminated

There are several red flags that might indicate that your air ducts could be contaminated with asbestos. First of all, consider the age of your home. If your home was built before the wave of asbestos bans in the 1970s, chances are very good that you have asbestos in your home.

Next, examine the insulation around your air ducts. If any of this insulation is damaged, you need to get professional asbestos testing Orange CA because it is possible that the insulation contains asbestos and is releasing hazardous fibers from the damaged areas.

If your insulation appears to be intact, examine your duct system for leaks. You may need professional help for this. If leaks are present, this means that dirty, dusty air from your attic or basement is getting sucked into the ducts and spread throughout your home. If you have any damaged asbestos-containing materials in these areas (like floor or ceiling tiles), your air ducts could be contaminated. Again, you will need professional asbestos testing Orange CA to tell for sure if asbestos-containing materials are present.

What to Do If Asbestos Is Found

If asbestos testing confirms the presence of damaged asbestos-containing materials on or near your air ducts, you need to get professional asbestos removal Orange CA immediately. Be sure to choose a licensed and certified contractor like AQHI Inc that can handle the removal safely and prove that it was successful via final asbestos air testing after the project is complete.