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Safety is always sexy

Posted on February 6, 2015 in Blog

Safety is always sexyAs you’re thinking about getting your sweetie a gift this Valentine’s Day, have you considered something a little less traditional, but very health-promoting?

I’m talking about a visit from AQHI Inc. Lots of homes have mold, lead, fungus, or other contaminants lurking about and disrupting the quality of the air, water, and other surfaces without being detected. AQHI Inc. uses the most up-to-date, scientific methods to check every nook and cranny for harmful materials, and then eradicate them so you can breathe easier.

If you don’t get your home checked for harmful substances, you could be putting your and your loved ones’ health at risk for breathing problems, lead poisoning, and a whole host of other issues that could develop over time.

Yes, it isn’t the most swoon-worthy gift, but your significant other will be glad you’re looking out for his/her health. Safety is always sexy.

By the way… you might want to get a dozen roses, too. Just in case (s)he hasn’t read this article, and hasn’t yet realized why you’re giving her this for Valentine’s Day. Just a suggestion…

Happy Valentine’s Day from AQHI Inc.