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How Real Estate Professionals Can Benefit from Working with AQHI Inc.

Posted on February 20, 2015 in Blog

How Real Estate Professionals Can Benefit from Working with AQHI Inc.You know how it goes… make each home really shine so it sells fast, maybe even above asking price! But have you thought about giving your homes an extra boost by making it sure they’re free of all hazardous materials?

Musty Mold

Mold can be found just about anywhere that is overly wet, such as a basement or near a leaky pipe. Naturally, potential buyers will be put off if they enter a home and smell a wet, musty smell that indicates mold. Make the home you’re trying to sell smell fresh with pure, clean, mold-free air. AQHI Inc. can quickly identify mold problems and get rid of them efficiently and effectively to prevent further issues.

Lead can be a deal-breaker

Any potential buyer who has a small child will inquire about lead paint and whether the property has been de-leaded. Lead poisoning is a very serious condition that occurs when lead particles (most often those found in lead-based paint) chip off trim and walls near where little ones are crawling. Eventually the child puts their hands in their mouth and ingests the lead particles, sometimes leading to lead poisoning, a condition that affects brain development, kidney function, and other areas of the body. No parent would want to put their child at risk, so many make sure any property they plan to live in is professionally de-leaded. At AQHI Inc. we professional take care of all lead removal to ensure kids are kept safe and lead-free. We test every area of the home for lead including molding, furniture, soil, water, air, carpet, and everything in-between, ensuring that all lead is completely eradicated from the home.

Annoying Asbestos

Scientific studies have linked asbestos exposure to the diseases mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other serious lung problems. Make sure your potential buyers won’t be put at risk by eliminating asbestos from the residential or commercial property you’re trying to sell. You and your buyers will feel much more at ease and confident knowing that it’s 100% safe.

Head off these issues at the pass by contacting AQHI Inc. for a thorough evaluation. Safety is our #1 priority and if we detect any hazardous materials such as asbestos, mold, lead, or fungus, we will completely eradicate it in the safest manner possible. Give yourself a leg up on the competition and get your homes sold fast with the help of AQHI Inc. You’ll be posting the SOLD sign on the lawn in no time. Call 800-481-8080 to schedule an appointment today.