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Back to school: Make Sure Your Home is Clean and Safe

Posted on August 14, 2015 in Blog

Make Sure Your Home is Clean and SafeNow that the back to school season is upon us, lots of parents are thinking about ways to prepare themselves, their homes, and their kids for the upcoming school year. Naturally, everyone wants the best for their families, and wants to set their kids up for optimal success when school starts.

How can you set your family up for success?

  • Do a home reset by getting rid of excess clutter. You’ll breathe easier and be able to find everything you need to much easier.
  • Find and use coupons for school supplies. It just takes a few minutes and you could really save big on those colored pencils, notebooks, and binders.
  • Set up a clothing swap with another family with kids who are around the same age as yours. You’ll score some “new” clothes for the kids without having to destroy your monthly budget while back to school shopping.
  • Make some meals in advance and freeze them for the inevitable nights when you don’t feel like cooking. You’ll save your sanity and your wallet will thank you when you order take out much less often.

There are so many ways to prepare for the school year — do what resonates with you and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Another way you could prepare that doesn’t involve much time or effort is calling AQHI, Inc for an environmental evaluation of your home. Who knows what could be lurking in your soil, walls, water, or air that could be negatively affecting your family’s health? It’s best to find out so you can have peace of mind that the place you and your family spend lots of time in is completely save and free of toxic substances.

Asbestos, mold, fungus, lead, and other contaminants can be found in many residential and commercial properties throughout California and the entire US. The only sure-fire way to find out if your property contains any of them is to call AQHI, Inc at 800-481-8080. We’ll come with the most modern tools and expert techniques to meticulously check every molecule of your home for hazardous materials.

Then, if we find any, we’ll develop a 100% safe and secure plan to remove the hazardous substances, so you can start breathing absolutely clear air as soon as possible.

Stop wondering about whether your home has any contaminants about it—call 800-481-8080 or email to set up an environmental evaluation by AQHI, Inc now.

And happy back to school season to you and your family from AQHI, Inc!