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What is IAQ and what should I do about it?

Posted on August 28, 2015 in Blog

IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality. It refers to the status of the air inside a building that’s used for a commercial or residential purposes. The IAQ of the buildings in which you and your loved ones spend their time is incredibly important because if any harmful contaminants are present, they can wreak havoc on peoples’ health.

Commonly found IAQ contaminants

What is IAQ and what should I do about it?For example, those who have allergies can be particularly sensitive to mold particles in the air. Babies and young children can be susceptible to lead poisoning if lead-based paint is used in the home. Elderly people and those who have respiratory issues can be affected by a whole host of hazardous materials that may be present, including mold, dust, and fungus. In addition, if you’re planning on doing any remodeling or construction on your home, be aware of your home’s IAQ and whether you have asbestos anywhere that could be disturbed, releasing harmful particles into the air.

What to do if you don’t know the status of your home’s IAQ

It’s incredibly important to be aware of what you and your loved ones are breathing each day. Schedule an in-home evaluation of the IAQ and find out exactly what’s lurking beneath the floorboards, in the air vents, and in every nook and cranny of your home. AQHI, Inc uses the most modern tools and techniques to thoroughly check the IAQ and deliver quantifiable results to you.

Improving the IAQ

Then our IAQ experts will suggest ways to improve the IAQ of your home. This includes safe, secure, complete removal of any contaminants that may be found there, including asbestos, lead, mold, and fungus. AQHI, Inc is a fully licensed and ensured company that has been providing IAQ remediation services in California for over 28 years. The staff at AQHI, Inc has successfully disposed of contaminants found in thousands of properties throughout California, but no project is too big or small to deserve dedicated attention.

Why you should get your IAQ checked

Can you imagine all the gross stuff you might be breathing each day? Having your IAQ checked by the experts at AQHI, Inc doesn’t take long, and it’ll give you so much peace of mind about spending so much time in your home. Schedule an appointment at your convenience by calling 800-481-8080, emailing, or sending a message online via the chat box at the bottom right of this page.

What are you waiting for? You and your family’s health can be dramatically improved when you call AQHI, Inc to schedule an in-home IAQ evaluation today. Only trust your home to the hazardous materials experts at AQHI, Inc.