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Possible Contamination Stressing You Out? Get Peace of Mind by calling AQHI Inc.

Posted on December 23, 2015 in Blog

Possible Contamination Stressing You Out? Get Peace of Mind by calling AQHI Inc.Has there been a sneaky suspicion lurking in your mind about whether your residential or commercial property could be contaminated? Now is the perfect time to call AQHI, Inc to find out. We’ll schedule a complete environmental evaluation of your property to determine whether it has any asbestos, lead, mold, fungus, PCBs, or other contamination issues. Choose a date and time that’s most convenient for you and our thorough technicians will check every molecule of your property, using the most advanced technology and techniques.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out if your property is safe to inhabit each day? Start 2016 off with complete peace of mind after you call AQHI, Inc at 800-481-8080. After your environmental evaluation is complete, we’ll provide you with an in-depth report about the status of your home. If any contaminants were found, we also offer complete remediation services.

Why decontaminate?

We’re often asked this question by curious potential clients, and we’re always happy to provide the answer. Decontamination is so important because so many of us spend the majority of our time indoors. The air we breathe, soil in our gardens, water we drink, and the physical structures of our homes all could possibly contain harmful materials that could affect your and your loved ones’ health.

For example, lead is particularly dangerous if you have any young children in the home. Lead paint was used extensively throughout the entire US until the late 1970s. If it chips off, ending up on the floor, little fingers could grab it and eventually ingest it after playing on the ground. Lead exposure can sometimes lead to brain issues and other developmental problems. Avoid a potentially dangerous condition from developing by having your home checked for lead immediately.

Mold and fungus are commonly found in homes wherever there is a problem with excess moisture. Perhaps the roof is leaking or leaked in the past, or a pipe in the basement is slightly broken, allowing water to drip out ever so slowly, but creating a real mold and fungus problem. We at AQHI, Inc have the best tools and method to test the indoor air quality of your residential or commercial property and completely eradicate any mold or fungus problems.

Trustworthiness at AQHI, Inc

No matter what other contaminants we may found in your residential or commercial property, you can trust the experts at AQHI, Inc to develop an ideal plan to get rid of it and make sure your property is 100% safe. People throughout Rancho Cucamonga and all of Southern California have depended on AQHI, Inc for all their decontamination needs for over 28 years, and we’ll be happy to give you the peace of mind to start 2016 off right.

When your and your loved ones’ safety and health are at stake, there’s only one place you should call—AQHI, Inc at 800-481-8080. Call now!