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Asbestos duct removal

Posted on February 5, 2016 in Blog

Asbestos duct removal Asbestos duct removal is no easy project, and it’s one that’s definitely best left up to the professionals at AQHI, Inc. While it’s not a very simple project, it’s an important one. While asbestos used to be regarded as the best material for ducts because it’s fire retardant and an effective insulator, later studies found it to be extremely detrimental to health. If asbestos-containing ducts aren’t removed effectively, asbestos fibers could contaminate your entire property.

Leave your asbestos duct removal needs to the experts at AQHI, Inc. AQHI, Inc is a local company that’s based in Rancho Cucamonga. We’ve specialized in asbestos duct removal for over 28 years, so you can definitely trust your asbestos duct removal project to our capable hands.

What will happen first

Call 800-481-8080 or email to contact one of our representatives today. We’ll set up a date and time to come check out your property and evaluate its current asbestos issues. You may have asbestos in your property’s ducts as well as other areas. If so, it’s definitely a wise idea to get it all removed at once to make sure people aren’t being exposed to harmful asbestos fibers.

Asbestos duct removal precautions

Anytime someone’s disturbing asbestos fibers, it’s so important to make sure they aren’t inhaled. We’ll isolate the areas of your property that contain asbestos so the contamination doesn’t spread. This includes putting up plastic sheeting around doors, vents, and windows, and tarps from the doorway of the property to the area where the asbestos duct removal will be occurring.

Our technicians will wear disposable clothing and particle-filtering respirators throughout the asbestos duct removal process to ensure their safety and continuing health.

Our hazard waste removal experts will also minimize fiber release when the asbestos ducts and anything else containing asbestos is removed. The fiber release is minimized by wetting the duct, which inhibits the release of the fibers. We’ll use temporary airtight containment chambers to decontaminate all personal and equipment when leaving the asbestos duct removal project site.

We filter and cleanse the air within the work area to entrap fine asbestos fibers (including microscopic ones) and make sure they have no chance of escaping. This cleansing of the air happens through high-efficiency filtration devices that trap the asbestos particles before venting the air outside.

Asbestos duct removal on all properties

For over 28 years, AQHI, Inc has been effectively handling asbestos duct removal throughout Southern California. We’ve successfully completed asbestos duct removal projects in government buildings, commercial facilities, hospitals, schools, homes, and many other buildings.

Find out more about our asbestos duct removal process here. At the link, you can see photos and brief explanations of our entire asbestos duct removal process. Feel free to contact us by calling 800-481-8080 or emailing if you have any questions or if you’d like to go ahead and schedule your first appointment with AQHI, Inc today.