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Asbestos Removal in Los Angeles CA

Posted on February 17, 2016 in Blog

Asbestos Removal in Los Angeles CAJust about everyone knows that asbestos exposure is harmful, but many people unwittingly expose themselves and others to asbestos particles because they don’t request an asbestos evaluation from a certified asbestos removal company like AQHI, Inc.

AQHI, Inc has been detecting and removing asbestos in residential, commercial, and industrial properties for over 28 years. Your property will definitely be in good hands with AQHI, Inc.

Where can asbestos be found?

Asbestos used to be used almost universally in homes and commercial properties because it has remarkable insulating and fire-retardant properties. It used to always be used in acoustic ceiling texture, floor coverings, roofing materials, heating duct insulation, and drywall joint compound. Many buildings manufactured or updated before the 1970s still contain asbestos and as such, must be treated very carefully to avoid exposing people to its harmful fibers.

Asbestos exposure is serious business

Scientific research conducted in the 1970s found that asbestos exposure was incredibly harmful, and could be a factor in serious diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. Anytime a material that contains asbestos is disturbed either from a renovation, demolition, or remodel, it releases fibers (some of which are microscopic) that may then be inhaled by people.

Not sure if your property contains asbestos?

That’s why it’s essential that if you have any doubt about whether your Los Angeles property contains asbestos or not, you call the asbestos experts at AQHI, Inc before making any renovations, beginning demolition, or remodeling. Risking exposing people to asbestos fibers simply isn’t worth it – call AQHI, Inc at 800-481-8080 and we’ll schedule an appointment to come evaluate your property for asbestos ASAP.

Full licensed local company

AQHI, Inc is a fully licensed and insured asbestos removal company that’s based right here in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We proudly serve all of Los Angeles, CA and many of the surrounding areas with expert asbestos removal services.

Safe disposal too

We take every precaution to avoid asbestos exposure and further contamination, and we safely dispose of all asbestos-containing materials on your behalf in accordance with federal and state laws governing asbestos disposal. You can count on us to meticulously follow all federal and state laws that govern asbestos removal and safe disposal.

Ready for your asbestos removal services in Los Angeles, CA?

If you’re ready to find out whether your property contains asbestos and if so, to secure proper removal services in Los Angeles, CA, contact AQHI, Inc today. We can be reached by calling 800-481-8080, emailing, or send us an online message here. Call now to speak with our friendly, professional staff and schedule your appointment with the asbestos experts at AQHI, Inc.