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Asbestos Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Posted on March 8, 2016 in Blog

Asbestos Acoustic Ceiling RemovalYou have acoustic spray, which is also know as “popcorn” on your ceiling, it’s important that you get it removed by a company that specializes in acoustic ceiling removal. It must be properly removed because it likely contains asbestos particles. Popcorn ceiling makes your property look dated and if it contains asbestos, it can be harmful to your health the particles are disturbed during renovations or remodeling projects.

What the big deal about acoustic ceilings?

Acoustic ceilings were very popular throughout the 1950s until 1978, when the US government banned them because it allowed builders to hide bad sheet rock installations, and because of the harm asbestos exposure poses.

Why is asbestos so common if it’s harmful?

Many people wonder why so many properties contain asbestos, even though it’s been scientifically proven to cause serious diseases like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Well, before 1978, no one really knew how dangerous asbestos exposure was, and asbestos does have some real benefits as opposed to other construction materials.

For example, it protects other materials from fire, absorbs heat from friction, has high tensile strength as a reinforcing material, resists corrosion, insulates from heat and cold, and insulates from noise as well. However, the harm causes from asbestos exposure far outweighs its benefits, so if you suspect asbestos may be in your property, call AQHI, Inc for complete remediation services.

Your appointment with AQHI, Inc

When you call AQHI, Inc for an appointment, we’ll come evaluate your property to determine whether it has asbestos and any other common contaminants, such as mold, fungus, PCBs, or lead. If so, we’ll formulate a detailed plan to completely remove the contamination. We follow all federal and state laws regarding acoustic ceiling and other asbestos removal procedures, and we properly dispose of all items that are contaminated.

We use aspirators, protective clothing, air filtration, eye protection, and special sealed asbestos disposal bags to ensure further contamination does not occur at any time.

Never try to DIY

DIY asbestos removal is definitely not recommended. There are no known safe levels of asbestos exposure, and effects of exposure may not be seen for many years to come. Plus there are many federal and state laws that govern safe asbestos removal and disposal procedures that you likely have no idea how to follow properly. Let AQHI, Inc, a licensed, fully insured company that specializes in asbestos removal take care of all your asbestos remediation needs. You’ll be confident that it will be taken care of thoroughly, safely, and efficiently.

Contact AQHI, Inc today

AQHI, Inc is Southern California’s best acoustic ceiling and general asbestos removal company. Count on us for all our asbestos remediation needs throughout Southern California. To speak with our asbestos experts and make an appointment today, simply call AQHI, Inc at 800-481-8080 or email