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Top Lead Removal Company in Los Angeles CA

Posted on June 3, 2016 in Blog

Top Lead Removal Company in Los Angeles CAAre you planning on having a baby anytime soon? Do you have grandkids who like to visit their grandparents? Or do you like to have neighborhood kids over for cookies and milk?

No matter what you like to do, if you ever have kids in your home, it’s your duty to make sure it’s de-leaded.

Why lead poisoning is a big deal

Lead poisoning is one of the leading causes of mental and physical developmental problems in young children. Children under age 6 are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, and at very high levels, it can even be fatal.

Lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust in older buildings are the most common sources of lead poisoning in children. Sometimes air, water, and soil can also be contaminated with lead.

Symptoms of lead poisoning in children include developmental delay, vomiting, learning difficulties, constipation, irritability, loss of appetite, weight loss, sluggishness, abdominal pain, and hearing loss.

Top lead removal company in Los Angeles CA

If you ever have children in your home, get it tested by the top lead removal company in Los Angeles now. We’ll check for common environmental contaminants such as lead, asbestos, mold, and fungus. If we find any of these harmful materials in your home, we’ll develop a solid plan to eradicate it. This plan will consist of 4 strategies that effectively eliminate all lead-based paint hazards in your Los Angeles home:

  1. We remove the lead-based paint and its substrate, then replace the component.
  2. We separate the paint from the substrate by scraping, abrasive removal and chemical stripping.
  3. We enclose the painted surface with a durable substance, such as drywall, paneling, or siding.
  4. We coat and seal the paint with a durable liquid to ensure no fragments can come off and be ingested by little ones.

Safe, effective lead removal services in Los Angeles CA

AQHI, Inc is a certified EPA lead-safe firm that will quickly and meticulously make sure your home is protected from all lead-based paint contamination. We follow all safety precautions to ensure lead contamination never spreads during the abatement process. Technicians isolate the workplace with plastic sheeting, caution flagging, and warning signs, and always use personal protective equipment, including a respirator and disposable clothing, at all times. As a full licensed and insured local Rancho Cucamonga-based company, you can count on AQHI, Inc for all your lead removal needs in Los Angeles and all surrounding areas.

Call now for all your lead removal needs in Los Angeles CA

Make sure you’re not putting the children at risk of lead exposure in your home! Call AQHI, Inc at 800-481-8080 for an appointment at your earliest convenient. AQHI, Inc has been the top lead removal company in Los Angeles, CA for over 28 years, so you can depend on us to do the job right.