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Tackling a Home Renovation as Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted on January 5, 2017 in Blog

Tackling a Home Renovation as Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year, New You. That’s how the saying goes, right?

As we find ourselves in the year 2017, you celebrated with friends, loved ones or family, toasted the ball drop with champagne, and maybe even had yourself a New Year’s kiss. Chances are that you made a New Year’s resolution before the clock struck midnight as well.

What was your New Year’s resolution? Was it to stop swearing or at least cut back on the bad words? Maybe it was to lose some weight or get into better shape to finally run that 5k you’ve always wanted to. Was it to love yourself first, or be more confident?

Or maybe, you’ve decided to tackle the resolution of all resolutions and finally get started on that home renovation you’ve been promising yourself for years. You know the renovation you were going to do when you bought the house five years ago. Well the time has finally come and 2017 is the year!

You might be ripping apart your kitchen and replacing old rickety cabinets and Formica countertops with cherry cabinetry and stunning granite, or taking down a few walls to make it more open-concept. A bathroom renovation might even be in the plans, with a rainfall showerhead to complete your life of luxury. Whatever the challenge, it is important to proceed with caution.

The bathroom, kitchen, or floor plan of your dreams might come with things straight out of nightmares. Mold. Asbestos. Lead.

If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you know that setbacks like this can be a very real possibility. Thankfully, you have AQHI, Inc to help you through these rough times. Don’t let the fear of what lays underneath your walls, floors, or ceilings, keep you from completing the New Year’s resolution you made. 

AQHI, Inc offers environmental remediation services

If you start tackling your home renovation project, and find yourself with a mold or asbestos problem, you need to take this very seriously. Many adverse health effects can stem from coming into contact with these environmental hazards. These serious health effects are nothing to mess with. That is why you need to call AQHI, Inc to remove these hazards from your home in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

Do you need AQHI, Inc to come to the rescue?

If you stumble across any environmental hazards while working through your home renovation projects, give AQHI, Inc a call at 800-481-8080. We offer environmental remediation services throughout the Inland Empire area of Southern California. We are open Monday through Friday, with special appointments on Saturday to accommodate our valuable customers. Don’t risk you or your family’s health by burying these problems when they surface. Call AQHI, Inc and we will remove the threat so you can finish tackling your New Year’s resolution!